I was referred to Dr Hanif by my G.P. in December 2010, because of a highly elevated prolactin level. In his clinic, Dr Hanif conducted a thorough examination and consultation, which included reviewing blood test results provided by my G.P. He then arranged baseline endocrine investigations and an MRI scan, to determine the cause of the problem. When Dr Hanif had reviewed the results, he prescribed treatment which completely normalised the prolactin level.

Dr Hanif has provided thorough and careful care and at all times I have been treated as an individual by him. I am also working with consultants with other specialisms and Dr Hanif has provided his contact details and liaised with them, in order to provide the best outcome for me. The treatment which I am receiving is ongoing and I feel completely confident of both Dr Hanif’s expertise and his sensitivity to my individual situation.

Michael H. Gagg

My sincere thanks to Dr. Hanif for his treatment and advice in the year just ended, and my best wishes for 2012.

Andy Gallop

The thing that I have appreciated most about Dr Hanif is that he has treated me as an individual, taking account of my symptons, rather than simply focus on the Biochemistry. The outcome has been a great improvement in my quality of life.