Achievements and Roles

Local and Regional:

Clinical Service Lead Diabetes:

Achievements in the Role: Since 2013, as the Clinical Service Lead in Diabetes, have worked on a strategic paper to develop vision for the diabetes services at the trust and in Birmingham.

Clinical Lead Medicine:

Achievements in the role: Nominated for Best Care award 2012 by the University for the Wards.

Clinical Lead Diabetes/Renal Disease:

Achievements in the role: Since 2004, developed new services as a lead on diabetic renal disease at national centers for renal replacement.

Clinical Lead Obesity Services:

Achievements in the role: Since 2007, started obesity clinic, workforce training, protocols, guidelines, business case, multi-disciplinary clinic with NICE guidelines implementation.

Member of diabetes steering group of PCT/Trust:

Achievements in the role: As a member of the health economy steering committee for diabetes involving PCT and GP consortia, have redesigned diabetes services across the PCT.

Chair of Hypoglycemia Guidelines Committee:

Achievements in the role: Developed guidelines and management toolkit for the trust. These guidelines are now part of the West Mercia and national guidelines.

Member of Infection Control Committee:

Achievements in the role: Implemented and audit antibiotic prescribing policy; resulting in decreased hospital acquired C diff and MRSA across the trust.

Chair of Diabetes Endocrinology Network in Midlands: working to Network among consultants in the Midlands.

Member of Birmingham Sandwell Solihull Primary Cardiac Prevention Network.

National Role:

Chairman of Diabetes Working Group and Trustee of South Asian heart Foundation (SAHF): National body of eminent professionals advising department of health, NICE and NSF on ethnic health. South Asian Health Foundation Diabetes(SAHF,UK charity) since 2004

Achievements in the role:

Organised seven successful international conferences on Diabetes in South Asians in the UK in Feb 07, Dec 08, Apr 10,Dec 11 ,Dec 12, Oct 13 and Oct14 .Prepared a report on gaps for research among South Asians with Diabetes in UK. A seminal work in collaboration with diabetes UK launched in Parliament on the 17th June 09.

Produced a DVD "meethi baatein" educating South Asian patients about diabetes.

National education programme for healthy living in South Asians "SACHE". An innovative community based educational programme to raise the awareness of diabetes in South Asian community. Launched at House Of Lords on 8th Nov 2012 by Lord Patel, Baroness Young, Lord Harrison, Rt Hon Keith Vaz. The programme was covered by national and international media and mentioned in the Diabetes Czar report of Diabetes Action Group as examples of Good Practice.

National education programme for health care professionals on management of diabetes in South Asians.

Advised department of health, parliamentarians, NICE, NIHR and funding bodies on issues relating to ethnic health and tackling inequalities in health and access.

Community health promotion (75 events in 07-14)

Stakeholder input to 66 NICE guidelines (07-14)

Input to many NHS, national & international forums

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Member of fourth independent advisory NICE Appraisal Committee on the use of health technologies in the NHS 2009:

Achievements in the role:

The committee is drawn up from eminent professionals from various backgrounds that help National Institute of Clinical Excellence to make the most difficult decisions in public life to help improve quality and consistency of care by the NHS. Exemplary NICE (National Institute for Clinical Excellence) work: Member of NICE health technology appraisal committee - recommends NHS treatments.

Member of MRHA committee on Human Medicines 2014.

Achievements in the role:

Selected for this prestigious appointment through a rigorous process. Participated and involved in advising the Secretary of State on the licensing on new medications for the use in the UK.

Member of Programme Development Group of NICE on “Prevention of type 2 Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes in High Risk Group” 2009:

Achievements in the role:

Selected for this prestigious appointment through a rigorous process. Participated and developed this important public health guidance that was published in 2010.

Member of Diabetes Action Group: Set-up by National Clinical Director of Diabetes as a call of action for the CCG’s following the Parliamentary Accounts Committee report on Diabetes 2010:

Achievements in the role:

Produced a comprehensive Report : Companion Document on LTC Outcome Strategy for England/Wales; Published 2013

Trust Board of Directors Apnee Sehath:

Achievements in the role:

Board member Apnee Sehat a social enterprise tackling health inequalities, developing: Lifestyle risk management services, delivering culturally sensitive services, educating about health risk, supporting behavioral change, identifying cardiovascular risk. Winner of 6 national awards (06 onwards) He was presented to HRH Prince of Wales as one of the champions on South-Asian health in our bid to harness his support in raising the profile of South-Asian health in the UK. As the trust board member of Apnee Sehath have been involved in a social enterprise involving novel method of health care delivery, the Royal launch of it was at Muslim Resource Centre in Coventry on 22nd April 2008 by HRH Prince of Wales.

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Stakeholder and advisor for NICE committee’s on physical activity, type 2 diabetes, new agents for treatment of type 2 diabetes and Rimonobant STA.

Member of Parliamentary and Stakeholder Diabetes Think Tank

Achievements in the role:

Advising All Party Parliamentary Group on Diabetes Chaired by Adrian Sanders MP.

Member of Parliamentary Best Practice Consensus Group on Diabetes in South Asians

Achievements in the role:

Chaired by Right Hon Virendra Sharma MP. Authored a diabetes toolkit for the group that was launched in Parliament House on the 11th of May 09.

Member of Parliamentary Consensus Group :

Achievements in the role:

Engaging South-Asian Community in Local diabetes services, Chaired by Lord King.

Member of Good Diabetes Care for All:

Achievements in the role:

Tackling Health Inequalities in Diabetes Working Group set-up by Rowan Hillson National Clinical Director of Diabetes.

He was selected for Kings Fund diabetes leadership programme .

International Role:

Chair Steering Committee of Living with Diabetes. An international study with members from 8 Countries UK, China, Australia, Germany, India, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Mexico.

Achievements in the role:

Conducted a landmark study that looked at the affects of life-style, culture, religion and work environment on diabetes.

Developed a toll kit and care plans to address these issues.

Presented at the EASD 2012 meeting in Berlin.

Held an international press conference with live Web-cast to over 50 countries

Other member of group include Prof Al- Ruebeun, Prof Archecalueta, Dr Mark Potter, Dr Jenny Nash, Kim Brenner and others.

Pioneer of India/UK/Norway/Australia diabetes prevention initiative and aligned research:

Achievements in the role:

He was instrumental in setting this initiative of eminent academia, health care professionals, social planners and policy makers for diabetes and non-communicable disease in emerging economies. Made presentation to parliamentary group in India.

Presented to NASCOM association of IT industry in India secured funding for a pilot on diabetes and cardiovascular disease screening and prevention.

Launched HAPPI project in Hyderabad India 2011.

Founder Member of Prevent India:

Achievements in the role:

A Public health foundation India and common wealth office initiative for NCD prevention.

Participated in two international conferences in India as a Keynote speaker.

Advised the Govt of India on primary care initiative for diabetes screening and prevention.

Contributor to strategic development papers for Commonwealth to guide ministers at UN summit.

Other Memberships:

Chair of Diabetes Endocrinology Network in Midlands working to Network among consultants in the Midlands.

Member of Birmingham Sandwell Solihull Primary Cardiac Prevention Network.

Chair of Hypoglycemia Guidelines Committee University Hospital Birmingham drawing and implementing these guidelines across the trust.

Member of Infection Control Committee,Junior Doctors Working Group Liaison Committee and Improving Working Lives Committee at University Hospital Birmingham 2005.

Member of Specialist Training Committee of Diabetes & Endocrinology West Midlands Region, Junior doctor’s representative 2001 to 2003.

Specialist Registrar’s representative on acute medical directorate at Birmingham Heartlands Hospital 2001 to 2002.

UK coordinator for faith based health education project run by department of health 2003.

Invited by department of health to National Service Framework on Diabetes brainstorming session, to advice on ethnic health 28-29 May 2002.

Coordinator for SPR teaching in the West Midlands in Diabetes & Endocrinology 2002 to 2003.

Chairman of MDDA(A social and charitable organisation of doctors and dentist in the UK working towards health promotion in the Asian community) & editor of HIKMA.

Sports Captain on doctors mess committee at Good Hope Hospital in 2000.

Organising Chairman of "Trance-fusion" an all India inter-collegiate cultural festival in 1988.

General CaptainStudents union of Gandhi Medical College Hyderabad, India in 1988