Research Projects and Academic Interest

Ongoing Research Projects and Academic interest:

Areas of research interest include obesity, diabetic renal disease, Health Inequalities, Ethnic health, management of diabetes during Ramadan, Health Economics, Government policy on Health at both National and International level, and advocacy for diabetes prevention.

Summary of Achievements:

United Kingdom Asian Diabetes Study (UKADS)

Instrumental in setting up United Kingdom Asian Diabetes Study largest, landmark study on diabetes in South Asians. Still running for 10 years, having epidemiological, clinical, economic and genetic arms. Several high impact publications, joint Collaboration University of Birmingham/ Warwick.

Diabetes in Ramadan Studies:

A globally recognised expert on South Asian Diabetes and management of diabetes in Ramadan.

Chief Investigator of VECTOR a landmark study, international collaboration of major RCT in 20 countries on Ramadan. Principal Investigator for Treat 4 Ramadan Study. An investigator initiative trial and joint collaboration between University Hospital Birmingham and University Hospital Leicester.

Principal Investigator for STEADFAST: Lead Investigator for “ A Multi-Centre prospective observational cohort study to assess the tolerability profile of Vildagliptin relative to Gliclazide as dual therapy with Metformin in Muslim patients with type 2 diabetes fasting during Ramadan. This is an international collaboration study involving more than 20 countries.

Principal Investigator for Treat 4 Ramadan Study. An investigator initiative trial and joint collaboration between University Hospital Birmingham and University Hospital Leicester. This landmark study was completed and results have been published in Diabetes Obesity and Metabolism and were also presented at the American Diabetes Association meeting at Chicago in 2013.

International committee on guidelines for Ramadan published in BMJ/JRSM.

Renal/Obesity and Metabolic Studies:

Lead for flagship agreement for research infrastructure and chronic disease research centre at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham with Novo Nordisk.

PI several multicentre portfolio adopted CLRN studies.

"Pegvisomant to reduce urinary albumin excretion in type1 and type 2 diabetic patients treated with ACE/ARB with persistent albuminuria".

"A randomised, double blind, placebo controlled parallel group study to assess the effect of the endothelin receptor antagonist avosentan on time to doubling of serum creatinine, end stage renal disease or death in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus and diabetic nephropathy".

"A randomised, double blind, two-arm placebo controlled, 12-month study of the effects of rimnobant 20 mg once daily on the amount and the activity of visceral fat in abdominally obese patients with metabolic syndrome".

A co-applicant for grant application to National Institute of Health Research looking at "An inner-city screening programme for Type 2 diabetes (ANSER-IT)".

South-Asian Diabetes Studies:

Authored and published a seminal paper “Diabetes UK and South Asian Health Foundation recommendation on diabetes research priorities for British South Asian”. Launched at the Houses of Parliaments by Keith Vaz MP and Lord Narain Patel on 17th June 09. This report forms the basis for the future research grants from MRC, Wellcome and NIHR.

Part of a research network a joint collaboration of Diabetes UK and SAHF to establish the largest cohort of South-Asian patients with type 1 diabetes in UK.

Advised department of health, parliamentarians, NICE, NIHR and funding bodies on issues relating to ethnic health and tackling inequalities in health and access.

Member of BME writing group, a multi-centre national collaborative of academics, with the aim of setting-up a large UK multi-ethnic cohort with perspective follow-up of routine data of people with diabetes, coronary heart disease and people who are eligible for the NHS Vascular Health Checks programme.

Government Policy, Advocacy, International Collaboration and Diabetes Prevention:

Chair Steering Committee of Living with Diabetes. An international study with members from 8 Countries UK, China, Australia, Germany, India, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Mexico.

Pioneer of India/UK/Norway/Australia diabetes prevention initiative and aligned research:

Instrumental in setting this initiative of eminent academia, health care professionals, social planners and policy makers for diabetes and non-communicable disease in emerging economies.

Made presentation to parliamentary group in India.

Presented to NASCOM association of IT industry in India secured funding for a pilot on diabetes and cardiovascular disease screening and prevention.

Launched HAPPI project in Hyderabad India 2011.

Founder Member of Prevent India:

A Public health foundation India and common wealth office initiative for NCD prevention

Participated in two international conferences in India as a Keynote speaker.

Advised the Govt of India on primary care initiative for diabetes screening and prevention.

Contributor to strategic development papers for Commonwealth to guide ministers at UN summit.


UHB teaching

2005-11 Received excellent feedback for undergraduate and postgraduate teaching.

UHB 5 day diabetes course for health care professionals - course coordinator.

Monthly GP training days and updates in SBPCT.


2005 on MB BS Examiner 3rd,4th, and Final years

2006 on SMSS poster presentation of 4th years: supervisor and examiner

2008 on National accredited Obesity course lecturer

2009 on Undergraduate admissions and interview panel


2008 on SpR: regional diabetes and endocrine teaching, recruitment and RITA assessments.

2007 on Foundation year and CMT recruitment

2009 on Teaching HIV and psychiatry SpRs


Sample of invited lecture engagements:

WISDEM speaker, University of Warwick (09) (10) (11)

Open University lecture (10)

Hospital doctor conference London (11)

Primed Conference Birmingham 12.


Keynote Invited Lectures:

Sample of invited lecture engagements:

3rd International summit on Cardiometabolic Risk. Prague 07.

Research Society for Study of Diabetes India 08.

University Warwick Diabetes Endocrine Metabolism Symposium 09,10.

International Norway Summit on NCD Trodenhiem 11.

Prevent India NCD Conference Hyderabad 11,12.

EASD Ramadan Lisbon 11.

New Therapies in Diabetes Advance Summit Singapore 12.

Gliptin Era and Renal disease conference India, Jaipur 12, Lucknow 12.

GOLD South East Asian Diabetes Conference Hong Kong 12

Al-Emir Diabetes Congress Kuwait 13

Sudan Endocrine Conference Khartoum 13

Pakistan Endocrine Society Diabetes/Ramadan Speaker Meeting

Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad 13.

Kesadeva Diabetes Institute Invite International Lecture Trivandrum, India 13, 14.


Sample of media engagements:

BBC inside out (10)

BBC Asian Network (11)

Nationwide Hypoglycemia campaign 18 radio stations (11)

Interviews for Pulse (10), RCP (10), Asian Voice (11), Jung (10)